Our Fans Say...

Barb A.

Just a shout out to you and the band to tell you how much we love Crazy Uncle!  Weíve had the pleasure of hearing you 4 or 5 times and you never disappoint.
You nail every cover you play and itís impossible not to get up and dance. 
Besides all that, you are all warm, personable and charitable.
I canít wait to have an occasion to hire you myself.
In the meantime, please let us know when and weíre youíll be playing in the future.


Harvey L wrote:

I just want to thank you and all of the band members again for playing at our benefit.  I have been hearing rave reviews from all of my friends and other attendees about the band, and everyone had a great time.   We did manage to make quite a bit of money also. 
We received some donations from people who were unable to attend as well.
If you think of it please send me contact info for the band members
so I can thank each one personally.


Pamela S.

Crazy Uncle was just great! I knew all the rock, pop
and R&B songs and they sounded wonderful.
The vocalists were energetic and talented.
I can't wait for your next performance.


Nina K. -

Love this band. Have see Crazy Uncle at multiple venues and everyone has fun. They engage the crowd and they are great musicians.

Marie L.

You guys need to play at the shore next summer, you would kill!  I will speak with the club in Brigantine and let them know how great you are!  I know you are as good as anyone I have heard there!

Mike Kline

Great band for that classic rock jones we all have!!! This year at Paddle for Pink 2 new little up and coming rockers were on stage rockin' with the band!!!! Colette and Josee have a great musical future with the Uncles!!!!



I'm always checking on any posting of that band online, and they are so good...so enjoyable! They have a good following and even do charity gigs. With musicians as seasoned as these you cannot go wrong. Please share them with the shore, too!

Carly L -  

I once went to a Halloween party hosted by these fun loving entertainers. It was a great night of music and shenanigans and one of the band members had a very large cowbell!
Robert C.

Great band, great repertoire of oldies and current songs. Once you're up dancing, you won't sit down until the set ends. No idle time between songs. Crazy Uncle connects with their audience.

Jackie T.

We so enjoyed the bandís performance at a benefit function we attended recently with friends from Cherry Hill.  Your bandís sound, song choices and transitions were awesome. 
We danced more than we have in a while at that kind of event.  Great job!  Thanks for a fun evening. 

Rush R.

Thank you for your very generous donation of  your time and fantastic music to support our cause of building Great Childhoods for children in NJ. 
The music was terrific, evidenced by the enthusiastic crowd of dancers all night; hadn't heard Classics IV in a while. 
Wasn't still sure that our age group would be willing to shake it...but surely they did....
'til well past our bedtime.  Well done!


Lorri A. -  

Heard them play at the Paddle for Pink a few years ago! Excellent band for all types of classic rock!! If you want to "remember when", this band will take you BACK!

Eddie B. - 

Always a great party whenever Crazy Uncle is playing!!

Mike S. -

Crazy Uncle knows how to do a crazy great time. Their music is great and they know how to get the audience on the dance floor.

We are sincerely grateful for the kind words of praise and support!

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