The Band Members

Michael Nardi


Lead Singer

Michael Nardi is an amazingly talented man. 
He has a versatile singing style with a fabulous range.
A joy to listen to and be around.  Michael has written some beautiful songs
and brings style, character and originality to this band.


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Mike Krass

Drums and Vocals

Mike Krass is a dedicated musician who has a great sense of Rhythm and and wonderful sense of style.
He beats his drums like they owe him money.  Mike's wonderful sense of humor,
occasional pithy remarks, and incredible talent is the "driving" force behind Crazy Uncle.

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Andy Myers


Bass Guitar, Vocals

Andy gave up his life-long dream of being an accountant to join this band...such sacrifice!!
This guy loves playing the bass.
He is married...SORRY LADIES!!!

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Gary Gilbert


Keyboards, Vocals

Gary is the  talented, serious musician, with a dry wit and amazing feel for the songs we do.
A great Player, Gary is key to everything that happens in this band. 
 And he simplifies our tasks; everything is black and white to Gary...88 times.
Gary has two great dogs, three great kids and a spectacular bass player.
(guess who writes this crap?)

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Paul Garver

Rhythm Guitars, Harmonica

Paul has a collection of guitars and he plays them all extremely well. 
 He is the consummate rhythm guy and "multi-tasker",
by playing guitar, harmonica, singing lead, and backup.
This band relies on him, to do what he does best, create our 'charts',
tell stories, make chairs, idolize Linda Ronstadt, and play his butt off...

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Jan Campbell


"Crazy Aunt" Jan brings immense talent, energy, and versatility to Crazy Uncle.
Her voice blends amazingly well with Mike's and her spirit and stage presence
transforms our performances. Jan is a joy to listen to, to watch and to know!
Jan has been seen wandering around the campus of Temple University being extremely important.

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Stephen Gifford

Lead Guitar

Stephen is the strong silent type...until he turns on his amp.
 He has great chops and his presence in the band has brought a new vitality to the band.
He is a tone-master and he can play anything he decides he wants to play...
He says that he owes it all to clean living and the aliens that visit him late at night.


Other Important NON-Band Members of The Crazy Uncle "Musical Family"

Louis Brody

Lead Guitarist Emeritus and a Good Friend of the Band

Rob Hermans

Recording Engineer

Rob is a great friend and has his own studio!
He has recorded our demos, and has been kind enough to run our sound board on live gigs.
You can find Rob and learn more about his studio here at this link:



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