We are...The Crazy Uncle Band

Gary Gilbert


Keyboards, Vocals

Gary is the  talented, serious musician, with a dry wit and amazing feel for the songs we do. A great Player, Gary is key(s) to everything that happens in this band. He makes everything we do classy and polished. You can find him sheepishly smiling as he works his magic on stage.



Michael Nardi


Lead Singer

Michael Nardi simply has a fantastic voice and loves to sing! He has a versatile singing style with a fabulous range, he is a joy to listen to. We are happy that everyone we have played for raves about us and he is a huge part of why it happens. Michael is also an accomplished song writer - you can hear some of his original from the CD entitled "Personal Matters" on here:

"Personal Matters"


Andrew Myers


Bass Guitar, Vocals

Andrew wanted to play music in a Band and so he called some friends, and they knew some people. And they got together and they played some songs and laughed a lot and saw that it was good. Then they added this person and that person and when it became apparent that they were a band they somehow came up with the name Crazy Uncle. And it was good...And so here we are....And there ya have it! Rock and Roll history!!!


Jan Campbell


"Crazy Aunt" Jan brings immense talent, energy, and versatility to Crazy Uncle. Her voice blends amazingly well with Mike's and her spirit and stage presence transforms our performances. Jan is a joy to listen to, to watch and to know! When Jan takes center stage and sings lead, she brings a rich heart and soul into  the room that is palpable!! Our fans love it when she takes over, and so do we!


Mike Krass

Drums and Vocals

Mike Krass is a dedicated musician who has a great sense of Rhythm and humor. He is literally the driving force behind the band. Mike has a huge "smile" and his drumming will get your booty shaking!

Stephen Gifford

Lead Guitar

Stephen is the strong silent type...until he turns on his amp.  He has great chops and his presence in the band is the vitality that transports us into great musical realms. He is a tone-master and he can play anything he decides he wants to play...We are very happy he decided to join our merry band...a few years ago.


  Bob Brzezynski

Saxophone and Flute

Bob is the latest addition to our band and we are thrilled to have such an accomplished musician and wonderful addition to our band.  He is also adept at being transparent.


Other Important Past Members of The Crazy Uncle "Musical Family"

Paul Garver

Rhythm Guitars, Harmonica, and vocalist - Emeritus

Paul has retired but his charts live on.
He is a founding member of this band and will always be missed...
but you never know when he could show up again!



Louis Brody

Lead Guitar

First Lead Guitarist and still a Good Friend of the Band.
Lou co-wrote a couple of the songs with Michael Nardi on our CD.
 Lou is still very active writing and producing music and performing with his band Little Monkees.  Check them out!!


Rob Hhermans

Recording Engineer/Sound Guy

Rob is a great friend and is truly a sound guy and solid fellow!
He has recorded some of our demos, and has been kind
enough to run our sound board on live gigs.
He is also an accomplished Bassist and plays
in the area with his Jazz ensemble.



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